Liberty Gasturbine Holland

Liberty Gasturbine Holland

Liberty gasturbine holland

Who are We

Liberty Gasturbine Holland was originally founded in 1989 by Michel Kooij.
Liberty Gasturbine Holland (LGH), is specialized in the design, development, construction and maintenance of various machines for various ground applications. The main feature of these machines is that they are always powered by a gas turbine or jet engine. Each LGH machine is controlled by an advanced digital control system with an optional wireless control panel. The machines produced by us are characterized by their simple, practical operation.

Liberty gasturbine holland

Our Products

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Turbine Respons System

A fog/aerosol/mist generator with a throw length of up to 180 meters that is used for firefighting, cooling and diluting harmful gases.


A high flow inert gas generator with unlimited production of inert gas for inerting (extinguishing) fires in closed spaces.
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For drying and heating surfaces, melting snow and ice and preparing surfaces for asphalting, for example, Zoab.


Generators powered by gas turbines are light and compact, making them ideal for emergency deployment.

Maintenance service

We carry out maintenance on gas turbines for ground applications.For this we have developed a maintenance program that completely unburdens….

Special products

The use of gas turbines for ground applications leads to the constant development of by-products that enable the operation of gas turbine driven machines.