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Turbine Machine Control

The use of gas turbines means that we have developed a number of products that make the use of turbines easier and/or possible.

Liberty gasturbine holland

Turbine Machine Control

All machines produced by Liberty are controlled by a modern turbine control system with all safety features. Our subsidiary Liberty Control Systems develops machine automation for practically all gas turbine applications.
We are specialized in the design of turbine controls. Liberty Control Systems has extensive experience in integrating turbines in special applications.

Liberty Control Systems is not only limited to turbine controls but also has extensive experience with robot control, automation of barcode/card reading systems and in the automation of advanced air filter techniques.

Our experience ranges from simple pressure or temperature measurement to advanced robot control.

We have made control systems for our machines that include:

Mutual communication takes place via MPI. These are systems with an automated start-up cycle and continuous process monitoring.
The process values ​​​​​​can be read on the touchscreen (black/white or colour) and the process monitoring can be set..

For the Steamexfire systems we have developed an operating system with:

The PC has Windows XP embedded operating system. The processor does not require active cooling and is booted from a flash memory.
As a result, there are no moving parts in the PC and therefore mechanical wear is excluded.
A SCADA system developed by Liberty Control Systems runs on the PC. With this SCADA system the process values ​​​​​​can be shown in a graph. The measured values ​​​​are saved on the PC and can be shown again in the graph at a later time. Furthermore, all warnings and alarms are registered and stored on the PC.
The mutual communication is via Ethernet.
The PLC is responsible for the automated turbine engine start-up cycle and process monitoring..

Robot Controls

Liberty Control Systems also designs and develops robot controls based on system-specific programming packages. We have experience with ABB and Kawasaki robots.

Operating systems

One part of Liberty Gasturbine International’s activity is the development and production of industrial control systems. All machines produced by Liberty are equipped with a very user-friendly operating system with which all safety provisions are guaranteed. With such a control system, the operation of a gas turbine driven machine is simplified to an on and off button.