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About Us

Liberty Gasturbine Holland was originally founded in 1989 by Michel Kooij. Liberty Gasturbine Holland (LGH), is specialized in the design, development, construction and maintenance of various machines for various ground applications. The main feature of these machines is that they are always powered by a gas turbine or jet engine. Each LGH machine is controlled by an advanced digital control system with an optional wireless control panel. The machines produced by us are characterized by their simple, practical operation. We supply products that meet your needs in combination with an excellent level of quality and a service-oriented approach. What sets us apart is a practical approach and the fact that we have user experience with our machines ourselves. This enables us to provide you with sound advice when purchasing and using our machines. Innovation and engineering are the main pillars of our machines. LGH works together with leading international partners in the field of firefighting and has a network of business partners for the foreign market. We offer our clients a total package: design based on customer requirements, engineering, construction, sales, aftercare, maintenance and service. In short, no third parties; all under one roof. Our modern premises are equipped with a complete test facility with a constant stock of spare parts and a stock of gas turbines, ranging from jet engines to free power gas turbines..

We are active in the following market areas:

Liberty Gasturbine Holland is a flexible company with direct communication lines, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Liberty Gasturbine Holland is a recognized training company.

In addition to supplying machines, we manage a range of industrial firefighting machines such as a high flow fog generator (TRS2500FOG) and a high flow inert gas generator (Steamexfire) for direct rental for calamity fighting.